useful information provider Earn Your Zoetis Petcare Rewards Points and Redeem for Rewards is the website for customers of Zoetis PetCare to earn after purchase of Zoetis products. You can redeem your points for funds on your Zoetis Petcare Rewards Visa® Prepaid Card.

What is Zoetis Petcare Rewards?

Zoetis Petcare Rewards is a program for customers of Zoetis Petcare to earn points after purchase of eligible Zoetis products. The points can be redeemed for funds on Zoetis Petcare Rewards Visa Card.

Steps to earn the Zoetis Petcare Rewards points

To join the Zoetis Petcare Rewards program, first you need to have an Zoetis Petcare Rewards account. Visit here to register for a new account first.

Once registered, you can earn points on purchases of eligible products that you can find the list by visiting

After purchase, you need to submit valid invoice within 60 days. You can submit your invoice via fax or mail with the submission form, or just by simply uploading the file on the zoetis petcare rewards website or taking an image from your cell phone. You will receive the confirm email once successfully submitted the invoice, you can also check the status by visiting the history log in your Zoetis Petcare Rewards account.

After successfully processed, your points will be saved into your rewards bank. You can redeem your points for funds on your Visa Card for more purchases in future at Zoetis Petcare. You can check the Zoetis Petcare rewards points balance anytime in your account, remember that the points will expired in 15 months from the first date of inactivity on your account, so don’t forget to redeem them for cash.

Zoetis Petcare Rewards Website

Contact Zoetis Petcare

If you have any questions about your Zoetis Petcare Rewards Account or your Zoetis Petcare Rewards Visa® Prepaid Card, you can contact the support center for help by dialing 855‑749‑7274, you can also leave your message by visiting and you will get response soon.

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