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What is SHOP, PLAY, WIN!® Sweepstakes for?

SHOP, PLAY, WIN!® is an online monopoly sweepstakes platform which provides plenty of opportunities for participants to win prizes. The promotion featuring monopoly provides a totally over $250 million in prizes and money saving offers. The game is actually a method to promote the sales of products.

How to get tickets to enter the SHOP, PLAY, WIN!® sweepstakes?

First of all, a purchase is not required for you to play the SHOP, PLAY, WIN!® game.

There are two ways for you to get tickets to take participate in SHOP, PLAY, WIN!® sweepstakes.

1.To get a game ticket via mails.

You can get two tickets by sending a self-addressed, stamped handwritten envelope (“sase”) to shop, play, win. Address: promotions coordinator, p.o. box 3058, kennesaw, ga 30156.

Some important date: The envelope must to be postmarked no sooner than February 6, 2019, no later than may 1, 2019 and must be received no later than may 7, 2019.

2.To get a game ticket at market store.

You can get one game ticket each time you make a purchase at any participating Market Store between February 6 and May 7, 2019.

Strongly recommend you to find the specific customer rules here.

What are the specific steps to take participate to the SHOP, PLAY, WIN!® sweepstakes?

1.Above all, make sure you are not under 18 and you need a smartphone or personal computer which is available to connected to the Internet.

2.To play the game on your smart phone device, you need to download the Shop, Play, Win!® app. If your system is Android, you can download the app via this link. If your system is IOS, you can download the app via this link.

You can also download the app by scan

3.To play the game on the desktop, you need to get access to via a browser and click the “play the game!” button to start the game.

4.You can check the winners list at to see if you are the lucky guy.

Potential Award

Varies. From $5 cash to up to $1,000,000 cash. As follows:

$1,000,000 Cash*
$1,000,000 Vacation Home*
$100,000 Cash or Boat
$30,000 Pair of Kawasaki Jet Ski® Watercraft
$25,000 Home Theater
$20,000 College Tuition
$10,000 Cash
$7,500 Family Vacation
$5,000 Cash
$5,000 Groceries
$2,000 Fandango Movies for a Year
$2,000 Gift Card
$1,000 Cash
$1,000 Grocery Gift Card
$500 Portable Grill & Groceries
$500 Grocery Gift Card
$300 Wireless Headphones
$200 Family Picnic
$100 Grocery Gift Card
$100 Cash
$50 Grocery Gift Card
$25 Grocery Gift Card
$25 Cash
$20 Cash
$10 Grocery Gift Card
$10 Cash
$5 Grocery Gift Card
$5 Cash
*30-year annuity paid out in equal installments of $33,333.33 a year with no interest.

Details of SHOP, PLAY, WIN!® Sweepstakes

awardFrom $5 cash to up to $1,000,000 cash
Valid periodFrom February 6, 2019, to May 7, 2019.
Ageat lease 18
Language English and Spanish
Fequently asked questions
Winners list

SHOP, PLAY, WIN!® Sweepstakes Website

SHOP, PLAY, WIN!® Sweepstakes Website Open Period

From February 6, 2019 to May 7, 2019.

Some other useful information about SHOP, PLAY, WIN!® Sweepstakes

If you have any questions or complaints about the SHOP, PLAY, WIN!® game, you can leave your e-mail address at

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  1. Wendy says:

    To let you know that there is a problem with your site and the token redemption for each of the choice prize drawings it is taking double the tokens for each of category choices played the one token for daily cash drawing it took two tokens then I chose once to play 250,000 prize for three tokens it took six tokens. four tokens in total gone and disappeared. Want to know what can be done about this using up additional tokens that will only be counted as single entry on each prize drawing entry.

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