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At USPS official feedback portal:, you will have a great chance to tell USPS your real opinions on their service and win cash rewards.

USPS, whose full name is The United States Postal Service, is a branch of United State Federal Government. This company provides postal services all over the USA and owned more than 600,000 employees in 2017.

Like one of the sons of United State Federal Government, there is no doubt that USPS is a competitive company. But it still has two same strong competitors, United Parcel Service and FedEx.

So this is America, you always have competitors however strong you are. To keep strong , USPS needs to and has to listen to customers’ real thoughts about their services to make them better and of course, needs to give customers some rewards for their valuable time on the feedback survey, LOL. USPS customer feedback survey

To take participate in USPS customer feedback survey, make sure you are at least 18 years old and have your purchase receipt beside you, there are several steps for you to do the survey.

1.You need to connect to USPS’s official customer feedback survey website portal:

2.There will be an option for you to select your language preference: English and Spanish. Choose it and click the “Next” button.

3.In the next page, they will tell you that the survey will only take 2 minutes for you to finish, just click the “Next” button if you want to continue.

4.Fill your zip code on the receipt into the blank to help them to locate your service area, so they can improve postal services in your area according to your feedback information.

5.Click the “Next” button, then you need to enter your location and your date of your visit at USPS.

6.Then there will be some questions about the service quality and your experiences at USPS for you to answer, they are simple and easy to answer, do not think too much and just answer them honestly in 2 minutes.

7.You will be given a validation code after the finishing of the survey. Note down your validation code because it will be a ticket of a lucky draw which may wins stamps or cash rewards in your next visit at USPS.

USPS official online customer feedback survey website

USPS Official website

USPS Tracking Official website

Details about the USPS feedback survey

PrizeCash rewards, Stamps
AgeAt least 18
Purchase requiredYes
Website Language English and Spanish
DistrictUnited States
Entry MethodOnline
Cost time2 minutes
Customer Service Number+1 800-275-8777
USPS feedback survey websiteUSPS feedback survey website
USPS websiteUSPS website
USPS tracking websiteUSPS tracking website
USPS contact websiteUSPS contact website

Some useful information about the USPS feedback survey

If you have questions, advises or complaints about USPS, do not hesitate to tell them by dialing +1 800-275-8777, it is a totally free number of their customer service center.

The other branch numbers of their service center are as follows:

+1 800-222-1811 (Delivery tracking)

+1 800-344-7779 (Technical support)

+1 800-610-8734 (Sales)

All totally free.

Do not want to contact them by phone? Or have more questions? Don’t worry, just visit their official contact website at:, there are many other methods for you to get touch with them.

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