useful information provider Kroger®’s KrogerFeedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

What is Kroger experience survey for?

As one of the largest grocery retailers in UnitedState or even in the world, Kroger is always making efforts on improving customer experience.Taking the Kroger customer satisfaction survey is ultimately going to help the stores to treat their customers better.So every customer satisfaction survey is important to Kroger.Kroger appreciates your Kroger experience survey and provides plenty of awards every year.

How much time will it cost to take the Kroger experience survey?

Usually it will take 5 to 10 minutes.

What are the specific steps to take the Kroger experience survey?

1.First of all, log in the Kroger experience survey website:

2.Then, enter the information(date, time of purchase, entry ID) on your purchase receipt.

3.Then, click the “start” button and begin to answer the questions of Kroger experience survey.There are several questions about your experiences of the qualities, prices of goods and services at Kroger, just rate them with the points from 1 to 10. 10 is best and 1 is poorest.

4.If you have suggestions or complaints, click “Yes” button at the end of survey to leave a message.

5.At the end of survey, do not forget to provide the right information of you name, address and phone number, oh, and your Kroger loyalty card number.then Click the “submit” button to finish the Kroger experience survey. Congratulations! you will receive 50 Kroger Fuel points .

6.Also, you have already entered into the lucky draw to win the $5,000 cash prize. You can find the list of winners at

Potential Award

From 50 Kroger Fuel points to up to $5,000 cash rewards.

KrogerExperience Customer Survey Video Guide

Kroger experience survey Website

Details ofKroger experience survey Website

Prize$5000 Gift Card
$100 Grocery Card
Pharmacy Discounts
AgeAt least 18
Purchase requiredNo
Website Language English and Spanish
DistrictUnited States
Entry MethodOnline
Cost timeestimate 5 minutes
Customer Service Number+1 800-576-4377
KrogerExperience Survey WebsiteKrogerExperience Survey Website
KrogerExperience Sweepstakes RulesKrogerExperience Sweepstakes Rules
Kroger contact websiteKroger contact website
KrogerExperience Winners ListKrogerExperience Winners List
Kroger Official WebsiteKroger Official Website
Kroger Customer Comments WebsiteKroger Customer Comments Website

Some other useful information about the Kroger experience survey

If you have other questions or suggestions about the Kroger experience survey, do not hesitate to contact Kroger’s customer support team, their totally free phone number is 1-800-576-43770, and their work time is from 8 AM to midnight EST (Monday to Friday) and 8 AM to 9:30 PM EST(Saturday and Sunday). You can also send them a message by Email at

39 Responses to Kroger®’s KrogerFeedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. ANDY HALATEK says:

    Date: 02/15/19
    Time: 11:18 am
    Entry ID: 016-363-20-920-541-561


  2. Willard campbell says:

    Attempted to start survey but it would not let me in. Receipt dated 2//11/19 time 9:35 am entry is 615 244 65 302 9 74

  3. Michael McGonagle says:

    I tried to do the survey but could not get in. 2/18/19 @ 6:58 am. The entry number is,

  4. Johnnie L. Sebesta says:

    I can’t seem to be able to take the survey requested ,so I’ll just tell you of my experience on line with y’all at my City Market in Delta,Co. it was excellent experience there and as always I was satisified with the service I received as a customer and they always have a wide selection of products available !!

  5. Alton Stewart says:

    Survey would not allow me to enter data. Very frustrating situation.
    Date: 2/19/19
    Time; 01:15pm
    Entry ID: 620-144-34-77-66-100
    Alton Stewart 2/19/19 @4:36pm

  6. Mary Ann McCoy says:

    Neither was I able to find my usual place to make my comments and get my 50 points, and I am quite disappointed. What is going on.

  7. Jake Warren says:

    I love the way the store has remodeled and shows where the stock is that I am looking for. alsothe store is very clean even on bad weather days.

  8. Everett R Henry says:

    I, also, attempted to complete your survey; but could not.

    02:37 PM

    As usual, I had a great shopping experience, NO problems
    I’ll be watching for my bonus fuel points.

  9. Cathie Agerton says:

    I can not open the survey either–I wonder if Kroger will check the comments section and fix the problem. I don’t usually have many complaints about the service, but on my visit 2-24-19 at 9 a.m. I went to the deli only to be completely ignored for several minutes. I don’t know if I was seen at first, but at one point one employee looked straight at me before helping the other customer (who was there before me). When she finished she went to the back of the deli ignoring me.
    ID #025-242-25-625-10-35

  10. maggie alexander says:

    will not let me do the survey

  11. Cindy Sollers says:

    survey will not open. My experience at the store was great but I don’t like having to go onto the website to get extra coupons and points.
    My receipt has this information
    Date: 2/26/19
    Time: 12:11pm
    entry ID: 701-442-23-240-10-33

  12. Ron Hutton says:

    I tried 30 min: to get your survey program to work. I have tried several times over several years and and no luck, Are you sure this is not a scam??? I spent a lot of money at your store!!! I have tried for two years to get signed up for digital. No Luck. I have talked to Customer Service and leave dumber than when I asked. The store is great, so is the management always great. If I can talk to someone, my question is always answered. I( see several things on your Kroger screen I would like to check out but????. You your favor, I am older than dirt and I am not very good on computers.. My Name is Ron Hutton, 1402 Abbey Cir. Vinton, VA 24179…540-890-3691

  13. Susan M Martucci says:

    Have tried to input my information but the system is not working.
    1:18 pm

    Sure would appreciate my points!!
    thank you,

  14. Larry Townsend says:

    Larry Townsend March 9,2019 at 12;20 pm tried to get in your survey program would not let me in. My id 025-222-187-488-4-191 my customer experience was very,very Good!

  15. Patricia Jackson says:

    Tried to take the survey but the system wouldn’t let me start .
    Date: 03/11/19
    Time: 7:49 p.m.
    Entry ID: 026-342-240-536-14-254

    Seems like there are way too many people who can’t access this program.
    Patricia Jackson.

  16. JUDY Nobles says:

    Will not let me take access survey.

  17. Sue Morris says:

    Website will not allow me to enter ant information.

  18. Sue Morris says:

    Will not give me access. Yolanda the pharmacist was very helpful. Gave excellent customer service.
    03/25/2019 12:59 016-142-27-621-66-93

  19. LorrRay Bruner says:

    I’ve tried at least four times to do the survey, only to fail to get in each time. Someone needs to fix this system.
    Frustrated customers is not what Kroger is trying to accomplish. Enough for now, get with the program.

  20. Regina Wilson says:

    The website “Kroger experience .com” will not allow access to input information from receipt.
    What a disappointment ! Hopefully this situation will be corrected soon.

  21. Regina says:

    The website “Kroger experience .com” isn’t working. Hope you will correct the problem.

  22. Tammie Lilley says:

    I could not get the serve to work either after trying several times I gave up.

  23. Eva Krol says:

    Have tried to input my information but the system is not working.
    6:48 pm
    Janina Czarnota in bakery provided excellent customer service during my visit.

    Sure would appreciate my points!!
    thank you,

    • Jean Homolka says:

      Sometimes the survey for 50 gas points comes right up, but more often it does not. Please make it simpler. Make it go directly to the survey with the web site listed on our receipt. Thank you !!!!

  24. Wasson S Snow says:

    I tried to post a comment but the survey would not let me in. The date was 04/02/19. the ID # is 025-141-7-622-504-511 at 11:13 a.m. My experience was great, and was made even greater by Glen who assisted me in checking out.

  25. terryschilig says:

    always able to go to the site…..won’t let me in..what is the problem??????? need my fuel points!!!!!

  26. Nancy Schottelkotte says:

    Your system still does not work as of April 6, 2019. There is no point constantly issuing receipts that invite surveys if customers can’t complete the information required on your listed website. Someone needs to get on the ball and correct the problem. Poor image for Kroger!

  27. Eileen Bucklin says:

    After repeated tries I also could not get the system to enter my data. FIX QUICKLY

  28. R. Williams says:

    CAN NOT complete survey

  29. J. Thompson says:

    4-8-2019 Still cannot open survey for 50 bonus fuel points. What is going on?

  30. Summer Sellers says:

    Tried several times to do survey regarding “50 fuel points” (also to enter to win monthly sweeptakes) but had no success! Could I please get a response from a supervisor in a timely manner? I would appreciate it very much. Thank you and hope to here from someone soon.

    DATE: 04/09/2019
    TIME: 07:14pm
    ENTRY ID: 620-441-188-21-502-690

  31. barbara poff says:

    I have tried for three days to take the fuel rewards survey as stated on the receipt, which is This just keeps sending me to other web sites, none of which work. What is the problem, Kroger techs. Can’t you straighten this out so us loyal customers can get our fuel points?
    Entry ID 701-111-82-385-512-594

  32. Richard says:

    I cannot take the survey. Please fix the rewards survey.

  33. Gayle says:

    Was unable to leave my personal info after completing the survey a few minutes ago
    Gayle Parsons
    Please give me my fuel points & bag points
    Thank you

  34. spiro xhani says:

    Date : 04/24/2019 Time : 09:39am Entry ID : 011-411-12-26-7-19

    I tried to fill the info but it was not possible

  35. Sharon Crotteau says:

    Have Kroger receipt dated 4/19/19 and could not get on site on 4/23 or 4/24 to get my fuel points. Very frustrating.

  36. Frances Cooper says:

    Tried several times to reach survey but failed..?? Date: 4/27/19 Time: 12:02 pm Entry ID: 025-354-27-449-501-528

  37. Linda Johnson says:

    Can not get in to the site.Not very good for business.

  38. Linda Johnson says:

    Can not get in to the site. Not good for business when told to enter. It’s false advertisement date 5/3/19,time 3:20pm Entry ID:014-211-186-932-13-199

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