useful information provider Login Your Marriott® Extranet Account is the online portal for employees and partners of Marriott® Extranet to login. Employees and partners can manage their information including salary, benefits and Contact information through the system of 4myhr.

Login your Marriott® Extranet Account

To login your Marriott® Extranet account, you need to have a Enterprise ID (EID) first, visit and click the “Forgot your EID or password?” link on the page, select your associate on the form right the Enterprise ID (EID) Registration, then here will be a guide for you to follow to get your EID.

Visit and enter the EID and password into the blank form, click the “Sign in” button, then you will be authorized to login your account.

You can also login your account with your security key via the link on the page of, attention that a security key is valid only after being successfully associated with your Enterprise ID (EID) account.

If you forgot your EID or password, you can get them back by clicking the “Forgot your EID or password?” link, select the associates and follow the guides on the next page, you can get your EID or password back.

Website to Login your Marriott® Extranet Account


Contact Marriott® Extranet

For further assistance, call +1 (240) 632-6000 if you have problems logging in.

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