useful information provider Login your Shop Your Way MasterCard® Account is the online website portal for cardholders of Citi® Shop Your Way Mastercard® to login their accounts. Some old Sears Mastercard® had been converted to Shop Your Way Mastercard®, so this the new login portal for cardholders to remember.

Login Your Shop Your Way Mastercard® Account

To login your new Shop Your Way Mastercard Account, you need to visit the official online website of Citi first. Then enter your ID and password and click the “Sign On” button to continue. If you have problems when signing in your account, you may have to reset your User Id or password by clicking the “retrieve ID” or “Reset password” link below.

Register for a new Shop Your Way Mastercard®

The Shop Your Way Mastercard® has many benefits, if you are new customer of Citi Bank® or interested in this card. You may want to get known of the details of benefits of this card by visiting the official website of Sears® here.

If you have just got your new card or it is the first time for you to login your account, you need to register for a new account first. Visit and click the “Register your card” button, enter the information of card number, your name, security code and last 4 digits of SSN, click the “Verify” button to activate your card. After successfully verified, you will be able to sign up for a new account with which you can login in and mange your card then.

Contact Shop Your Way Mastercard®

If you need further assistance to solve your problems about Shop Your Way Mastercard, you can call the 24/7 number: 1-877-816-9063, you can also call 1-877-254-8073 for technical assistance and they also have a line 1-877-816-8691 for customers who are hearing Impaired.

If you are not in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico, call 502-522-1600.

76 Responses to Login your Shop Your Way MasterCard® Account

  1. Darleene B Pannell says:

    I have a payment due on our sears home improvement account and can no longer log in and donot have a shot your way mastercard. If you want a payment, I need to know how to get to my account to make a payment

  2. Steven D Whitehouse says:

    I’m trying to log into my account to check my bill and I can’t get logged in . last 4 on the card is 3176 .

  3. Carolina C Salas says:

    I would like to cancel account 5121065240522157 no longer needed , Thank you

  4. Sherry Hatt says:

    believe there is an error on my billing this month, had no luck contacting a real person just a recorded message. Please contact me. if you need my phone number I can send it to you.

  5. Lisa Wittrig says:

    Since you have changed I can’t log on to my account. Called two times today to try and get it cleared up. Told to log onto syw.account on and couldn’t access so I called again and was told by a rep that the site isn’t working and to check back in a few days and was also told it would be August until I get my new card .I guess a mailer had been sent out regarding this change and I never received mine. Why change if you haven’t gotten all systems working. I always make my payments on line and also track my activity on line so please HELP with this matter as I will need to make a payment soon !!!!!

    • ROBERT E. DAVIS says:

      unablet to log in onthis new website. if u are unable to provide goodinstructions to
      logon thenewsite please send paper copy of mybill so that i dont incur additionalcharges

  6. Lisa Wittrig says:

    Will I get any help if I post here ??? I did earlier and like others can’t log on to my account !!!

    • Gloria Verdier says:

      I know what all of you are saying. I was on the phone waiting for an hour and trying to get into my account for the last hour. I am trying to pay them off. This is the second time I have gotten a Sears card and had trouble. NO MORE CARDS!

  7. Deanna Fox says:

    I have been waiting for an answer to the information on my order #896369076 which I placed on May 30 and was supposed to receive on June 7–Tracking #1ZY463X00300256498/UPS. I have tried to call bothe K-Mart and Sears to no avail. I have contacted UPS also to no avail.. All I get is a message In Transit–On time in Enid Ok. Now, I have recived my monthly statement with the charge for the order. If the order is undeliverable please cancel and credit my account-last 4 numbers 7865.

    Deanna Fox

    • Deanna Fox says:

      Well, i am still waiting for an answer to my email. I have tried to call many times and left on hold for at least an hour each time. I have shopped with Sears/K-mart for many year and have now become so frustrated with the don’t care attitude your business is showing.

  8. MARY COLLUM says:

    I have a Sears Blue card and a Sears Platinum master card. they used to be linked together but now I can only access my sears master card and when I try to reconnect them, I get a message that I am entering wrong information. Calling Sears has only made me so frustrated to the point of closing both cards because I have gotten three different reasons why this is happening. Also when I start typing my Sears Blue card to try to connect with the master card a strange number pops up that looks like it wants me to click on as my number. No one can tell me anything about the number that pops up. I can not access my original Sears Blue card to even see my statement and can not get it in the mail because I am paperless. I just want to go back to getting my statements in the mail.

    • Marilyn Lee says:

      I am having the same problem as Mary Collum. I give up!! Want my Sears Blue Card changed back to mailing me a statement so I can make my payments on time without all the hassle. Very frustrating.

  9. caroline m williamson says:

    husband and I have same email. have been trying to get help but lady kept telling me a black card but it wasn’t where she said. really fed up. had a card before and never had this much trouble

  10. Deborah Moore says:

    I’m trying to pay for my bill and can’t get to my account. I had customer help give me this site but it seems it’s a dead end. I had 2 of my accounts linked together but now I only have my Master Card. Please help. Deborah, last 4 number of my account 5705

  11. Judith B Webster says:

    Made my payment per phone and requested an email. I called the number given to log in and did as requested but still couldn’t log in. Nothing is valid

  12. Alicia M Nelson says:

    I tried to pay my bill on line, could not login. I had to call and make a payment over the phone, so many promopts to go through just to speak with someone. I finally got someone and could barely understand the woman I was talking to. Now I have to set up a new page to pay my bill. Very frustrating, I’m paying this bill off and don’t think I’ll be using the card again. Not very professional the transition should have been handled better.

  13. Very Unhappy Customer says:

    Where is “Register Card” button on website?

    How long do you have to wait for an Associate to becomes available?


    That was ten minutes of my life I’ll never get back!

  14. Moeckel says:

    I have been trying to get into my account to check what there is on my account. Nobody answers the phone and I can’t get into the website. Think I’ll cancel my card –

  15. Karen says:

    As well, I too cannot get into the web site, I’ve tried numerous times, have called twice to be told it has been reset and to try later. Later has come and gone and still no access. They must not read these statements, for they sure aren’t working on fixing the problem.

  16. Kathi says:

    tried to call, was kept on hold for a long period so I hung up to try online. Got my new statement noticed my account number has changed. Knew changes were coming from a previous letter I had received. Called to see why I didn’t receive a new card with this new account number on it. I’m like everyone else in the comments can’t log in online either where things have changed. You need to get your customer service lined out or you are going to lose us all. Seriously thinking of switching to Chase Bank..

  17. Josephine Markey says:

    This website is beyond ridiculous! Completely useless!

  18. Tina Gilkey says:

    This change is not easy to open being trying and not going no where. please fix your web site.

  19. Carl Grassi says:

    this site does not work!!!! you people need to get your act together asap if you want payment! i dont have time to screw around with a website that doesn’t work !!!!!

  20. Kimberly James says:

    I tried logging onto my account using the new website, was unable to login. I would like to review my account online and was forced to make an automated payment. I do not receive paper statements and would like to start receiving paper statements again. The new site is not user friendly and at all. I tried calling customer service but was unable to speak with an associate. I was on hold for 15 minutes and someone picked up the phone and says ‘Hi” and immediately hung up. This is not acceptable. All I want to do is to be able to access my account and pay my bill online. Please help!!!!!!!

  21. Christina Robertson says:

    i can not log into my account and i have not got my new card with my new account number on it!!!! i assume i can not use my old card. i guess i will send it by mail until you figure out how to help us get on line to pay our bill!!! can i please get my new card?

  22. William Clayton says:

    Terrible NEW system. should have been tested before put it online. I had to pay by telephone because the system would not accept my user id and password. It would not allow me to create a new password. I hope this system is fixed by my next billing due date.

  23. Mark McCallon says:

    After 2 months of not being able to log into my account and each time trying to get help from someone I could not understand I am happy to say I closed my account and moved on. I can not believe this has been such a pain in the a_ _! If this CC account is any indication of how Sears has been running their business I can understand why they are closing.


    site is ridiculous unable to pay my bill not my fault citi you can do better

  25. irene posada says:

    This is not working for me! The rep that was walking me through this straight up hung up the phone on me. WTH

  26. Denise M Butler says:

    EVERYONE Should long a complaint with their states attorney general! Citibank/Sears should be investigated for this shameless trick!

  27. Doris says:

    I am so upset with Sears. You have told me to go to and it will allow me to get to my account. This account will not let me into it to pay. Sear has put a website out that does not work. I agree with the others that have put in complaints. You should have had the site ready before you stop the other site. I do not like to pay on over the phone, because they are not secure. Sears rep. told me the new card would be better. Well nothing can be better it you can’t use it or the website.

  28. tony d whitman says:

    a waste of time.

  29. Tess Jackson says:

    This is very frustrating!!! the site is not working is not working what so ever!!! why don’t you check the site before you make the changes and put your loyal customer to so much trouble. Cancelling this card. Its not worth the hassle and frustrations.

  30. Jean Hastings says:

    after over an hour on the phone, finally found out you have to have a different website for each card. What a waste of time.

  31. Sally Napuunoa says:

    I seem to be having the same problem as everyone else. I can’t log on. Do you want payment or not.

    • Carol Herman says:

      I cannot log on to this new website please start mailing me statements as I am on one of your special offers of no interest for 24 months as long as my payments are on time. This website is very confusing.

  32. David/Pat Hendrickson says:

    OMG is right. I am so done with this. Just trying to pay my bill. Haven’t used this card in a yr & will not be using it ever again! I’ll be mailing my payment from now on. You’re too confusing to go thru this BS

  33. ANTONIA Maria MCGILLIN says:

    This is ridiculous. I can’t even log into a website to set up my account. I am very disappointed because my Sears card was my oldest crdit card and I had no problems until you changed it to a Citi MasterCard,

  34. Carol S. Days says:

    this is the biggest clusterfuck any credit company has ever done citi bank is ruining the great m
    name of sears by allowing the shop your way
    to take it over how sad and will be filing improper credit practices used by them since we cant even access accounts used for years

  35. Robert F McCall says:

    they found a way to screw up paying your bill probably where they can raise the interest rates and charge late charges. If they just read these comments they will see they have a problem

  36. Janice Richardson says:

    This worse Website and I ever seen I cannot login this is not good you need to Fix this problem I’ll be closing out my account

  37. STEVEN K LORCH says:

    After trying the way I all ways do. Was told to use swy to login said I was already logged in. tried later and am locked out. I’ve had a sears card for 47 years and never had a problem. Will you please fix this. Now that you had can this can I still can I still pay thru my bank or do I need new information. No wonder sears is failing you can’t get this stuff right. It is very frustrating!!!!

  38. Betty Ann Spear says:

    Was given a new card can’t register it. Need to make a payment.

  39. Cindy Clarke says:


  40. Rebecca Brown says:

    Hello! I ran into the same problem today. This is how I was able to pay: I took May 2019 bill and called the old phone # 800-669-8488 Listen to recording and it will put you through, so you can pay your current bill. I hope this helps!

    • Jane says:

      I just called that number and was told it is no longer the number to use and gave me the number that is on the statement which is not working either.

  41. Barbara Jacobs says:

    This site is terrible….cannot reset password or register card!!!!! Trying to make my payment!!!! They need to update this site or they will be using quite a few customers!!!! STINKS

  42. Lana says:

    This makes absolutely not sense; I can’t log into the old site and the new site is crap. How can a payment be made, if this new site is not functioning properly. You need to get it fixed and fast.

  43. Jane says:

    I called to dispute a charge at chic fila’s and was told since I am the card holder I am responsible for any charges… I told them to close the account…now I can’t even call to pay the damn bill so it doesn’t affect my credit score.

  44. Jesssica says:

    Absolutly horrible!!!!!!!
    Paying off what I owe and will never use this card again! Can not pay my account online since they are sending a new card since they decided to change everything. I can not change my number on my account since I changed the number and they refuse to change it!!!!

  45. Jeanine Montoya says:

    1-877-816-9063 to make a credit card payment.

    Sears is a hot mess.
    After 15 minutes finally found the right number to make payment.
    Hope this helps!


    Well, I see I’m not the only one who can’t use the new site. I told my husband not to use the Sears card until this is fixed and wrote an actual snail mail letter to the company complaining about this. They, of course, haven’t responded yet.

  47. Stephen MacGregor says:

    What is going on with this site. You would think with all the negative comment posted above this website would get there act together. Shame on Sear’s and Citibank

  48. Cathy Lawrence says:

    please contact me on how to close an account for my sister. She just received new card. She is in a nursing home and not in need of this card.

  49. joseph Peeler says:

    If you want to get paid, you’d best fix fix this disaster. I spent over an hour on the phone, half of it with someone who didn’t seem to comprehend English. Then I got a supervisor who must be partially deaf, because she kept repeating what I had already done. Screw this, and Sears’ can find a rolling doughnut before I’ll pay them.

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