useful information provider Login your Kroger Feed Account to Manage your Personal Information is the online SecureWEB portal for employees or contractors of Kroger or associates of Kroger family to login to manage their personal information. Current or former employees can manage their information including benefits, personal contact or salaries.

Login your employee account at

  • To login your account at, first of all you need to have an account. Your must get your User Id and password before entering the system of Kroger Feed. Your user id is your Enterprise User ID, if you don’t know what your Enterprise User ID is, ask your manager or information security to get one. If you are an employee of Roundy’s, you need to get your User ID by using the ”¬†EUID Retrieval Tool” by clicking the link of block on the right of the page.
  • Visit to login your account by entering your user id and password that associates with your Id into the blank form, attention that your Id and password are not case sensitive that any letters in your ID or password can be typed as either uppercase or lowercase letters.
  • After entering the right User Id and password, click the “I agree” button to accept the information security policy of Kroger and login your account.

Reset or change your password at

  • If you forgot your password or just want to change your password. There are some steps for you to set up for a new one.
  • If you logged into other Company systems with your EUID and password, you will be required to the PassPort website to manage your password, click the “password help” link on the page near the password blank form and then click the “Click here to go to PassPort” link in the left block on the page that jumping out to go to the PassPort website. If you don’t use your EUID and password with other systems, you can simply establish the new one by clicking the “password help” first and then click the “click here” link in the right block on the page that jumping out.

Contact Kroger for assistance

If you need further assistance or have any questions that confuse you. You can call 1-800-952-8889, which is the number of Kroger Support Center and ask for a voice assistance.

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