useful information provider Activate Card of Blueshieldca

Members of BlueShiedlCA can activate card at There are a few steps for you to verify your card online.

Blueshieldca Registration

Only two steps for you to verify your Blue Shield card and create your own account,

Step 1: visit, enter your ID number of your blue shield card, select your birthday and click “Continue” button.

Step 2: Create your account by setting up your username and a strong Password, then provide either an email address or cell phone number to verify your account. You will be required to verify your identity by entering the unique code sent to your email or cellphone.

Blueshieldca Login

Visit and click the “Login/Create Account” button on the top right corner of the page to login your account, just enter your username and password and click the “Login” button. Providers, employees or producers can login their accounts by clicking the unique links below the page.

Contact BlueShieldCA

If you have trouble verifying your card, call (800)-393-6130 for help, business time: 8am-5:30pm PT from Monday to Friday. Manage your Walmart Product Care Plan or file a claim online

Customers of Walmart® can visit to manage care plans and claims. Simply save your receipt and start a claim if a failure happens. Start to manage your Walmart product care plan or file a claim online today at

Steps to register your Walmart products and file your claims

There are several steps for you to register your Walmart® products online:

  1. Open your browser and visit
  2. Read the Terms and conditions carefully to see if your products purchased at Walmart are eligible for registration and what is covered for your products. You can read the terms and conditions here.
  3. If your products are eligible for Walmart product care plan, you can take a registration for your products by uploading your receipts here, remember you still have to save your paper receipt and it will be necessary if you file a claim in future.

You can cancel or return your Walmart Product Care Plan within 30 days of purchase, bring your receipt to the store where you made the purchase, otherwise you will be required to mail your request with copy of your receipt and terms and conditions of plan to: Asurion (Walmart), P.O. Box 1818, Sterling, VA 20167.

If a failure happens unfortunately on your products, you will have to file a claim, you need to:

  1. Visit and click the “Start a claim” link.
  2. Enter your mobile number or email and protection plan order number, click the “Next” button.
  3. Follow the guides in next steps and provide the evidence that required to complete your submission.
  4. You can track your claim by visiting and click the “view your claims”, you will be required to enter your service request number and ZIP code to view the status.

Official Website to manage your Walmart Product Care Plans

Contact Walmart for help

If you have questions about your Walmart Product Care Plan, you can visit here to find answers for your questions. If it doesn’t work, you can contact Asurion, which is the insurance provider of Walmart Product Care Plan. You can get touch with them by visiting file a travel claim form online on Aon’s travel claim website

What is website for?

As one of the leading providers of customized travel protection programs, Aon designs and administer plans to protect millions of travelers every year. is the official website of Aon to file a travel claim form. The website can help you gather all the necessary documents and understand the claims process.

What can you do on website?

You can fill travel claim forms on Aon travel claim website, the coverage including:

  • File a Trip cancellation claim form if you never started your trip.
  • File a Trip interruption claim form if you changed your date of start or return.
  • File a Medical expense claim form if you got sick or while traveling.
  • File a Trip delay claim form if your trip was delayed through no fault of your own.
  • File a Baggage claim form if your baggage was lost, damaged or delayed.
  • File a Rental car claim form if your rental car was damaged.

Important date


Aon’s Website

Website Status


Some other useful information about the Aon’s website.

If you have other questions or suggestions about the Aon travel claim website, do not hesitate to contact Aon’s customer support team, their totally free phone number is 1-800-453-4027, and their work time is from Mon to Fri 8am-10pm EST, and Sat 9am-5pm EST..You can also send them a message by Email at