useful information provider Enter the Code to Activate your Fox Sports channel is the online portal for customers of Fox Sports to activate their Fox Sports channel. To activate the channel, you need to visit and enter the activation code displayed on your TV screen.

Active your Fox Sports Channel on your TV

To active your Fox Sports Channel on your TV, you need to get a verified code first. Open your TV and login with your TV provider username and password, then open the Fox Sports APP in your TV device and you will be provided a code on your screen, then open the browser in your smart phone or personal computer and visit, enter the code into the blank and click the “submit” button, then you will be prompted to sign in with your TV provider credentials.

Contact Fox Sports for help

If your need further assistance, you can visit, click the “Fox Sports” logo and take a search to see if there are any answers for your questions. If you find out that there are no answer you need to solve your problem, you can contact the support team of Fox Sports by dialing 1300 301 415.

8 Responses to Enter the Code to Activate your Fox Sports channel

  1. Tim says:

    fox sports app not accepting my Verizon ID/PW

  2. james beach says:

    unable to enter code

  3. Tesa black says:

    This sucks. Worst portal ever. Doesn’t allow me to log in. Thanks for the frustration

  4. Will says:

    Just like all the other people have being saying you can not enter the code, I called the number on the screen inform them and they want to charge a fee for activating what a bunch of crap. It was working on my tv for months than this scam.

  5. If you use Family Settings to control which movies and TV shows can be watched through Xbox Live, the FOX NOW app will follow these settings. For example, if you prohibit TV-MA-rated TV shows from being watched on your console, those programs will be marked with a “restricted video” icon in the FOX NOW app. To play a restricted item, an adult must enter the Family Settings pass code.

  6. Michael Grantham says:

    This by far is the worst process, I have ever been around. and I retired from the phone company. I am not one to Boycott, but this needs someones attention. I bet the CEO is unaware of this. Even the Chat line was not helpful.

  7. Michael Grantham says:

    Hey Fox Sports, what kind of phone Number is 1 300 301 415

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