useful information provider Registration and Login Your Account to manage your home loans Online the online portal for users to login to manage their home loans online. Register for a new account and login your account at

YourMortgageOnline Registration

Before logging into yourmortgageonline account to pay your bills, you need to have an account first. To register for your account, you need to take several steps:

  1. Find a place where your can connect to internet with your computer or cellphone.
  2. Open your browser and visit
  3. Click the “Registration” link.
  4. Enter your 10-digit loan number, 4-digit SSN number or TIN number in 9999 format and zip code, click the “Next” button.
  5. Create your account with new username, password, email address and security answers after the system verified your identity.
  6. In the next step, you will be required to verify your identity by clicking the unique link sent to your e-mail box, after that you will login your account with your username and password.
  7. If you are still confused with the steps of registration, you can visit the video guide by clicking here, attention that you may not be able to watch the video guide if your browser is Internet Explorer 8 or earlier versions.

YourMortgageOnline Login

To login yourmortgageonline account, simply visit, enter your username and password, click the “Login” button.

If you are using different devices to login your account, you will be required to enter the 6-digit code sent to your email box to verify your identity. Enter the code and click the “submit” button. After that you will successfully registered the new device.

If you forgot your username and password, click the “Forgot username” or “Forgot password” link, follow the guides in next few steps to get your account back.

Official Website


If you have problems with your yourmortgageonline account, you can contact the support team for assistance by calling 1-800-669-4268. Manage your Walmart Product Care Plan or file a claim online

Customers of Walmart® can visit to manage care plans and claims. Simply save your receipt and start a claim if a failure happens. Start to manage your Walmart product care plan or file a claim online today at

Steps to register your Walmart products and file your claims

There are several steps for you to register your Walmart® products online:

  1. Open your browser and visit
  2. Read the Terms and conditions carefully to see if your products purchased at Walmart are eligible for registration and what is covered for your products. You can read the terms and conditions here.
  3. If your products are eligible for Walmart product care plan, you can take a registration for your products by uploading your receipts here, remember you still have to save your paper receipt and it will be necessary if you file a claim in future.

You can cancel or return your Walmart Product Care Plan within 30 days of purchase, bring your receipt to the store where you made the purchase, otherwise you will be required to mail your request with copy of your receipt and terms and conditions of plan to: Asurion (Walmart), P.O. Box 1818, Sterling, VA 20167.

If a failure happens unfortunately on your products, you will have to file a claim, you need to:

  1. Visit and click the “Start a claim” link.
  2. Enter your mobile number or email and protection plan order number, click the “Next” button.
  3. Follow the guides in next steps and provide the evidence that required to complete your submission.
  4. You can track your claim by visiting and click the “view your claims”, you will be required to enter your service request number and ZIP code to view the status.

Official Website to manage your Walmart Product Care Plans

Contact Walmart for help

If you have questions about your Walmart Product Care Plan, you can visit here to find answers for your questions. If it doesn’t work, you can contact Asurion, which is the insurance provider of Walmart Product Care Plan. You can get touch with them by visiting Login to manage Your Amex Reward Card is the website for cardholders of Amex Reward Card to login to manage their cards online. Activate your amexrewardcard first and login to manage your card, you can get access and check balance anytime online via this website.

Login your Amex Reward Card Account

For new cardholders of Amex Reward Card, you need to activate your card first. Call 1-833-249-6098 to activate your card then you can login your account by visiting

To login your account, you need to:

  1. find a place where you can connect to the internet, open your browser of your cell phone or personal computer and visit
  2. Enter your card number, which is 15-digit length, remember do not leave any spaces.
  3. Enter the expiration date of your card into the blank form next.
  4. Enter your 4-digit security code next, which you can find at the lower right corner on your card.
  5. Click the “Sign in” button to login your account.

You can login to check your amex reward card balance, you can also check your balance by calling 1-833-249-6098.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Amex Reward Card

Amex reward card is a prepaid card that has plenty of advantages including:

  • The card is issued by American Express®, which means the card is widely accepted in the United States.
  • You can access to manage your card anytime and anywhere.
  • The card is a prepaid card, which means it is much safer than a credit card or cash. Also the card is replaceable if lost or stolen.

Amex reward card is also has some disadvantages, including:

  • The card can not be used at ATMs or redeemable for cash.
  • You can not transfer the balance of the card to another card.
  • Individual consumers can not purchase or load this card.

Official website of Amex Reward Card

Contact Amex Reward Card for help

If you have any questions about your card, you can call 1-833-249-6098 for help, you can also write to the customer care center, their address is American Express Reward Card Customer Care, PO Box 826, Fortson, GA 31808.

If your card is lost or stolen, call 1-833-249-6098 immediately for help. Do not forget to provide your information of card number, card security code (CSC) and card Identification Number (CID) to replace your card. Login to activate your new spectrum mobile phone is the website for customers of Spectrum mobile to activate their mobiles. Login your account and do follow the instructions to activate your device at

Steps to activate your spectrum mobile phone

There are a few steps for you to activate your spectrum mobile phone, please do as follows:

  1. Before activation, make sure your device is off.
  2. Check if your SIM card is inserted or not, if not, find an SIM ejector tool to insert your SIM card into the device.
  3. Open your browser of you personal computer and visit
  4. Enter your username and password, then click the “Sign in” button to login your account, if you are a new customer of Spectrum and do not have an account, click the “Create Username” link to create a new account.
  5. Click the “Start Activation” button, and do follow the next few steps to activate your device.
  6. After successfully activated, you will received a confirmation email.
  7. Now you can open your device and it will begin to work.

Create your Spectrum mobile account and get your account back

If you are new customer of Spectrum mobile, you need to have your account to activate your device first, to create a new account, you need to:

  1. Visit and click the “create username” link.
  2. Select the contact info or account info that your want to to create your username, if you choose the contact info, you will be required to enter your email address or phone number, if you choose the account info, you will be required to enter your account number and security code to create your username, then confirm you are not a robot and click the “Next” button to continue.
  3. Then you will be required to verify your identity by receiving a text code, an email or a phone call. Enter the code you received into the blank form and click the “Next” button.
  4. After verification, you will have a chance to check the correction of your information.
  5. Then you can create your username with your email address or whatever you like, you will also be required to create your password and security answers, do not forgot your security answers, that will help you to get your account back in the future.
  6. Finally, you have successfully created your new account.

If you forgot your username or password, visit and click the “Forgot Username or Password?” link. Then you will be required to enter your information of username&Zip code, contact info or account info first, and then you need to enter the confirmation code you received to verity your identity. If you forgot your password, you will also be required to provide your answers of security questions.

Official website of Spectrum mobile to activate your device


Contact Spectrum Mobile for help

If you have any questions or need further assistance, visit the support website of Spectrum first to see if it can help or not. If the website still can not solve your problems, you can call (833) 224-6603 to ask for help. You can also get help in the nearest spectrum mobile shop. Login to manage your Account, or, is the new portal for users of Walmart® OneWire associate to login to manage their accounts online. You can do lots of things at this website, including seeing the latest news and announcements and managing your personal information.

Login to manage your account provides plenty benefits for users of Old OneWire associate, including:

  • You can login to manage your information online anytime and anywhere.
  • You can easily view your schedule and paystub.
  • You can report an absence.
  • You can access the associate discount center to find the useful discounted goods you need and save money.
  • You can view the latest news and announcements of OneWalmart.

To login your account, open your browser on your smartphone or personal computer and visit

Click the spark logo of Walmart® on the top left corner, then you will be redirected to the login page of Walmart®.

Enter your user Id, password into the blank form and select your country/region and location, then click the “Sign in” button to login. After a 2-step verification procession, you can successfully login to your account.

What can you do

At, employees and contractors of Walmart® can login to view or manage their information including my health, my time, my money and my career, where they can get better known of their benefits at Walmart®.

My health portal allows you to view and choose your health plan, make an enrollment online for free, find a doctor and other resources about health online. It also allows you to access your other insurance options.

My time portal allows to you pay your time off and report your absence online.

My money portal allows you to easily view your schedule and paystub, access the associate discount center, view information of your savings and retirement, access to your tax center to view and manage your information of tax.

My career portal allows you to join an education program to get a degree, or take a career search online.

Official Website


Contact Support team for help

If you have questions when you visit, you may get answers on their site help page, if you need more help, you can try to get touch with the support team of OneWalmart program by visiting their Onboarding Support page. Apply For Your Barclays Personal Loans

With Barclays loan offer, customers of Barclays US can apply for an up to $35,000 amount barclays personal loans at Begin to apply for your loans by entering your invitation code now!

Apply for your Barclays personal loan at

Customer who received a mail offer from Barclaysus can apply for barclays personal loans by visiting, you can borrow a high amount of money for a very low rate at this website.

Advantage of barclays personal loans:

  • No hidden fees and no late fees.
  • You can borrow up to $35,000.
  • Loan terms available for 36, 48 and 60 months.
  • low to 4.99% rates.

Who are eligible for barclays personal loans:

  • At least 18 years old.
  • A citizen or permanent resident of the United State.
  • You must be employed.
  • You must have a at least 700 credit score.

To apply for your personal loans and check your loan rate, visit and enter your invitation code, which you can find it on the offer letter you received in the mail. Enter the code and your last name into the blank form and click “Continue” button to proceed it. Then you will get your loan rate and be required to upload your documents including proof of income, identity and citizenship or residence permit.

After application, you will get your credit in less than 1 hour and you will get your fund within 4 business days.

Official Website of Barclaysus to Apply For Your Barclays Personal Loan


About Barclays Personal Loans

Founded in 1896 in London, Barclays is a multinational investment bank and financial services company, which offers businesses of personal banking, corporate banking, wealth management, and investment management all over the world. Barclays personal loans, which is offered in 50 states in the United States and Washington, DC, is issued by Barclays Bank Delaware, who is Member FDIC and a subsidiary of Barclays Group US, Inc.

Contact Service Center of Barclays Personal Loans for help

If you need help, you can contact service center of Barclays Us for help. You can call 1-866-951-1416 for general inquiries and call 1-866-225-9725 for your complaints. You can also contact them via e-mail or fax, to find more information, visit Enter your Offer Code to Claim Your Rebates Online is the official website for customers of coopervision® to claim their rebates online. You can start your rebate online by entering your offer code into the form, you can also check your coopervision® rebate status at this website.

Submit your code

To start your claim, you need to get your offer code. There are several steps for you to get your rebate code and start your claim.

1.Take your eye exam and get your CooperVision contact lenses that fit for you by visiting your eye care practioner.

2.Take a purchase of your eligible CooperVision contact lenses, and get your offer codes at the time of purchase.

3.Visit and enter your code to start your claim within 60 days of your purchase. Enter the 7 digits code and click the “start my claim” button.

4.Then you will get a reminder to prepare your materials to complete your submission in the next steps, read the reminder carefully and prepare all the materials, then click the “Continue” button.

5.Then you will be required to upload your materials. Upload all the required documents and click the “Continue” button.

6.Don’t forget to leave your email address to receive the payment. After completion of your submission, you will have to wait for 6 to 8 weeks to get your rebate, you can check your rebate status by visiting, where you can check the status by entering your rebate reference and email address.

Official website

About CooperVision®

CooperVision® is a soft contact lens manufacturer. Founded in 1958, the company now is one of the largest soft contact lenses developers and manufacturers in the world.

Contact CooperVision®

If you have questions submitting your rebate form or need further assistance, you can contact CooperVision® by calling 1-877-875-6043, you can also contact the support team by sending an email to, and you will get response soon. Enter Code to Apply for Your Mission Lane Card

Visit and enter your code to begin your application for the new mission lane card. You can also login your account and manage your new mission lane card at this new website.

Enter Code to apply for mission lane card

To scale credit card business, Lendup, LLC has established MissionLane, which is a new company focused on credit card services. Old Lendup cardholders have been transitioned to new MissionLane. If you are a new customer and are interested in this card, you can get more details and apply for a new card by visiting

To apply for a new card, you need to get your offer first. If you got a Lendup offer, it still works.

Enter your 12 digits code which you received from your mail offer into the blank form, then click the “Unlock Offer” button to activate your application. You don’t need to wait for anytime and will get instant decision to see if you are approved for the missionlane visa card. Once you are approved, usually you will expect to receive your card with activation instructions in 10-14 business days.

Advantages of mission lane card

This card provides plenty of advantages including:

  • You can earn access to higher credit lines by demonstrating responsible financial behavior such as on time payments, and you will get notice once you are eligible for an increased line.
  • No hidden fees.
  • You credit can be reported to all 3 major bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.
  • You can get your online credit education for free.

You can get more details by visiting the official site of missionlane:

Official website to apply for mission lane Visa® Credit Card

Contact Mission Lane

If you have problems about your application or you didn’t receive your card, you can contact the support team of MissionLane for help by dialing (855) 570-3732, from 9am-8pm ET on weekdays. You can also send your message by visiting and you will get response soon.

The payment address of MissionLane is Mission Lane LLC, PO Box 4517
,Carol Stream, IL 60197-4517.

The mailing address of MissionLane is Mission Lane LLC, PO Box 105286, Atlanta, GA 30304. Enter Your Code to View Your Photos Online is the online website portal for users or non-users of magicmemories to view photos online without login. You can view your photos by entering your code or scanning QR code.

Visiting to view photos online

If you want to share your photos on magicmemories to others or just want to view your photos without login, you can generate your code or QR in your account, then share the code or QR, then people who get the code can visit photos your share online by visiting You can also manage your photos by login your account via the “Sign in” link.

Website for you to view photos online

About magicmemories

MagicMemories is an online platform for users to flexibly store and manage their photos online. Founded in 1995, the company has rich experiences on keeping some of your most treasured memories safe and secure for you. If you are interested in the service and want to get more details, you can visit

Contact magicmemories

If you have questions and need further assistance, you can get online assistance by visiting and click the “Click to contact us” link. You can also get touch magicmemories by e-mail or call, you can get all information to help you to contact them by visiting Earn Your Zoetis Petcare Rewards Points and Redeem for Rewards is the website for customers of Zoetis PetCare to earn after purchase of Zoetis products. You can redeem your points for funds on your Zoetis Petcare Rewards Visa® Prepaid Card.

What is Zoetis Petcare Rewards?

Zoetis Petcare Rewards is a program for customers of Zoetis Petcare to earn points after purchase of eligible Zoetis products. The points can be redeemed for funds on Zoetis Petcare Rewards Visa Card.

Steps to earn the Zoetis Petcare Rewards points

To join the Zoetis Petcare Rewards program, first you need to have an Zoetis Petcare Rewards account. Visit here to register for a new account first.

Once registered, you can earn points on purchases of eligible products that you can find the list by visiting

After purchase, you need to submit valid invoice within 60 days. You can submit your invoice via fax or mail with the submission form, or just by simply uploading the file on the zoetis petcare rewards website or taking an image from your cell phone. You will receive the confirm email once successfully submitted the invoice, you can also check the status by visiting the history log in your Zoetis Petcare Rewards account.

After successfully processed, your points will be saved into your rewards bank. You can redeem your points for funds on your Visa Card for more purchases in future at Zoetis Petcare. You can check the Zoetis Petcare rewards points balance anytime in your account, remember that the points will expired in 15 months from the first date of inactivity on your account, so don’t forget to redeem them for cash.

Zoetis Petcare Rewards Website

Contact Zoetis Petcare

If you have any questions about your Zoetis Petcare Rewards Account or your Zoetis Petcare Rewards Visa® Prepaid Card, you can contact the support center for help by dialing 855‑749‑7274, you can also leave your message by visiting and you will get response soon.